Tips for Shopping for a Wedding Dress Online

Tips for Shopping for a Wedding Dress Online

Preparing for your Dream Wedding is 99% about the gown. Let's face it! Since childhood, many brides have fanaticized, and romanticized about this day. Their Day...The Dress's Day! Brides traditionally have gone to Bridal boutiques and have their bestie, mother and crew give valuable input on their gown. With so much feedback and loving eyes to give approval it may have made it that much more easy for the bride to truly feel confident in her purchase. There are benefits and drawbacks to having that "approval" from loved ones. And while purchasing a gown online, you don't have that experience, the advent of the global covid pandemic may have more and more brides migrating online to find "The One." So here are some tips to confidently order a gown online. 

1. Shipping: Check the shipping policy of the the company that you purchase from prior to making your selection. While a company is trying its best to get your dress by that date it should be noted that the dress is often not in stock and must be made. Even with purchasing a gown in a brick and mortar store it is advisable to allow for at least four months for your dress to come in even if it is "guaranteed to ship in a week."

2. Check the size chart: Check the size chart to determine the size that you will need to order. If you do not see your measurements remember that many tailors can usually alter a gown up to two sizes down. It is preferable to purchase a gown that may be a little too large as opposed to too small. Size up! Also, Allow at least 2 months for your alterations. Many brides purchase their gowns during the same season what is often referred to in the bridal industry as "Bridal Christmas" to ensure that your tailor can fit you into their schedule and have time to do alterations allow yourself at least 2 months after receiving your gown and before your wedding to 

3. Measurements: It seems very simple doesn't it...take a measuring tape and wrap it around yourself and voila you have your measurements!  We strongly recommend that you absolutely do not take your measurements yourself. Many tailors/seamstresses will take your measurements for you at no cost. We recommend that you get a professional to do this. It may save you time and money in the future. When getting your measurements taken, wear the shoes that you plan on wearing for your wedding so that you can get the correct length. 

4. Know what silhouette/style looks good on YOU!: While it is nice to know what gowns are trending and what's new for 2022. Keep in mind that this day is about YOU and your partner. With that being said; finding "the ONE" is about realizing what brings out the inner and outer beauty of you. And that will be different for each person. So ask a friend or your mother (Mother knows Best) what attributes are particularly beautiful about you. If you already know then know that you can showcase these attributes buy selecting the appropriate silhouette or style.  

5. Make the purchase. Once you feel good and confident about everything. You know your size, shipping expectations and have a contingency plan (i mean i would) and know what style would make you feel absolutely lovely on your special day. Take the plunge and buy it you Gorgeous Girl you! 

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