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Floral Brilliance Sterling Silver Shining Stud Earring

Floral Brilliance Sterling Silver Shining Stud Earring

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  • Freshly Baked: Experience the latest fashion trend with these newly released jewelry items.

  • Japan and South Korea Style: These jewelry pieces are inspired by the trendy and stylish Japan and South Korea fashion.

  • Rain Cherry Blossoms Brand: From the trusted Rain Cherry Blossoms brand, known for quality and style.

  • In Stock: These items are available and ready to be shipped immediately.

  • Affordable Luxury: Priced between 51-100 yuan, you can enjoy the elegance of gold-plated inlay artificial gemstones/semi-precious stones without breaking the bank.

  • Zircon/Rhinestone Material: Crafted with high-quality zircon and rhinestones for a touch of sophistication.

  • Unique Butterfly/Dragonfly/Insect Patterns: These jewelry pieces feature intricate butterfly, dragonfly, and insect designs.

  • Designed for Women: These jewelry items are tailored for female fashion enthusiasts.

  • Brand New Color: Available in a brand new color to add a fresh touch to your style.

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